12 Pubs of Christmas – Wrap up

At the first pub of Christmas my true love gave to me a VB Pale Lager. 
At the second my true love gave to me 2 Quayle Ales and a VB Pale Lager….

And I could go on through the rest of the son, but suffice to say the pub run was a great success.  There were, however only a few who made it all the way through as per the rules set out.

Survivors from start to finish

  • Phillip “Prince of the Inner West” Tovey
  • Andrew “Garlic” Logan
  • Mark “Big Willy” Wilcox
  • Alex “I don’t remember finishing” Schulz

We lost a couple of soldiers on the last pub, but we all now know that if you ask Siri to take you to the East, it doesn’t always work. 

Look forward to the Australia Day party in the New Year, and don’t forget touch football on the next 2 wednesday’s and then starting up again on January 11.

…At the 12th pub of Christmas my true love gave to me……

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