75 Day Burpee Challenge – Can the Dukes crack 50,000 Burpees in 75 Days

50,000 Burpees in 2 month? – Tell him he’s dreaming

No he’s not dreaming.  If the Dukes players get in and do the 75 Day Burpee challenge it will be done with out a shadow of a doubt.

So who’s in for the 75
day Burpee challenge. There are 75 days till the season starts and it is up to
everyone to do their own bit along with the normal club training. 

The way it works is simple. Day 1 do 1 Burpee  Day 2 do 2 Burpees. Day 3 do 3
Burpees and so on till day 75.

If you miss one day make it up the next day. But you can’t move on till you’ve
caught up. If you fib then your only hurting yourself.

The president and the first lady are doing it. Get on board.

So who’s in? Starts today!!!!

Joe demonstrates a Burpee

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