Dukes Rugby are proud to announce new club rooms and a new home ground in Botany for 2015. All Dukes home games will be played at Booralee Park in Botany. Since formation, The Dukes finally have a ground close to their spiritual heartland of Alexandria. Club President Billy Hodgetts is excited by the move: “In the past, we have called home a number of places that didn’t really feel like it. It’s great for the club to find a park with excellent facilities so close to Botany Road, which is really the focal point for the whole of South Sydney, and links us strongly back to Alexandria and the surrounding area.”
Botany Road is also home to Dukes Rugbys new club rooms in the Captain Cook Hotel Botany. The Dukes will hold regular meetings, fundraising raffles, and host teams from all over Sydney for the traditional post-match speeches and boat race after every Saturday home game. “I know having a beer with your team and your opposition after the game is an important of the culture of rugby. It’s a real community spirit that we want to encourage.” says publican Dave Goldthorpe “I hope the whole of Botany really gets behind them.” Founding member of The Dukes, Phil Tovey agrees: “I’ve met a lot of guys in here who are keen to have a run around and some fun. Hopefully we can rope a few in and they can get a taste of the true spirit of rugby.”
The Dukes will continue to train in Alexandria at Perry Park on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:30PM, before moving to Vice Chancellors Oval, also in Alexandria, as the season goes on. New players of all levels are welcome.

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