Alexandria Dukes RFC – Coaching Director & 1st XV Coach

Job Description: Coaching Director 1st XV Coach

Main duties:

1. Primary responsibility as Head of coach of the Clubs first xv.
Key responsibilities:
a. Initiate an annual training plan and Club playing philosophy for the up coming season. (In consultation with other senior Grade coaches).
b. Organisation and recruitment of specialist coaches and support staff. ie skills coach, manager, physiotherapist, sports trainer,  strength and conditioner etc.
c. Devise and supervise off-season programs.
d. Provide individual skills training when applicable.
e. Long term and short term goal setting and expected outcomes.
f. Assist in the preparation of representative players.
g. Responsible to committee.

1.For first xv to contest the finals.
2. % Number of players selected for rep duties.
3.player retention numbers.
4.Monitor safety and injury numbers.
5.Monitor team harmony.
6. Increased skill level of individual players.

2. Assist, Develop and observe all Club Coaches.
Key Responsibilities:
a. To assist and implement styles of play through out the Club
b. To develop and advise on coach education programs.
c. To provide guidance and a pathway for future coaches.
h. To provide knowledge and information on Rugby related issues ie: change of laws, new coaching innovations and techniques.
e. To provide feedback and evaluation on coaching performance.

1. Number of grades contesting the finals
2. To win the Club championship
3. Number of Coaches retained at end of the season
4. Number of Coaches selected for rep duties.
5. Increased numbers in accredited Coaches.

3. Talent identification and player recruitment.

Key Responsibilities:
a. To assist the Club with identifying and recruitment of potential players and Coaches.
b. To attend Rugby colleges, Schools to provide quality Rugby standards
c. Attend Schoolboy Rugby Championships with the focus of recruitment.
d. To provide new ta lent with the correct pathway through the grades.
e. Assist in player contract negotiations.
f. Ensure players are aware of breach of contract penalties and performance review.

1. % Of number of junior teams and player numbers.
2. % Of players selected for rep duties.

4.To liase with state union to discus related issues.

Key Responsibilities:
a. Periodical meetings with state union to discuss matters arising ie: season draw,
Rep player selection policies etc.
b. Where possible lecture at Coach Accreditation courses.
c. Made available for rep Coaching duties

1.Positive relationship with state union members
2. Accreditation courses attended and lectured.

5. To provide direction and education for Club Development Officer
Key responsibilities:
a. ensure skill and knowledge level of the Clubs Development Officer is adequate
b. Provide tasking, feedback and evaluation.
c. Devise workable programs for Development officer.

1. % of Schools on the Clubs programs.
2. % of Schools retained each year.
3. % of juniors and colts obtain from Schools.

6. Devise and implement Club selection policies.
Key responsibilities:
a. In consultation with other senior grade Coaches devise and implement selection policies that are agreed to and recorded.
b. Ensure Coaches advise players on selection policies and what is required by the player week in week out.

1. Player acceptance of policies.

7.Promote a safe and enjoyable playing environment.
Key Responsibilities:
a. To ensure a safe home oval is supplied for both game day and training.
b. Ensure a high profile is maintained in the local Rugby Community.
c. Equipment checks and audit.

1. Acceptance in the Community.

8. Provide assistance on the development and skill enhancement of players on individual bases.

Key Responsibilities:
a. Provide skill development on an individual bases where required ie: kicking, lineout throwing, tackling, passing etc.
b. Devise and evaluate a program designed to enhance the skill level of individual players where applicable.

1. Monitor player game performance.
2.Review game statistics.

9. Provide periodical reports and performance evaluation to Club administrators.
Key Responsibilities
a. Provide annual and monthly progress reports.
b. Provide Player and Coach analysis, evaluations and game statistic for scrutiny.
c. Budget forecast for training equipment.

1. Documented evidence of performances.

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