The 1st XV Jerseys from the Alexandria Dukes RFC first season are up for grabs.
Due to the significance of these jerseys we will be auctioning them off. There will be 2 parts to the Auction.
1. Silent Auction
2. Live Auction
The First will be a Silent auction.
If you can’t make it to the Duke tomorrow OR wish to put a bid in early for a Jersey I need you to PM or text the jersey number and your bid to me.
If your bid is the highest before the live auction and it meets the reserve price you will have won that jersey.
To keep things in control I will not be accepting bids in the silent auction above $100. Should more than 1 person bid $100 it will go to the person with the first bid.
If a Jersey does not have a bid at the reserve price after the silent auction there will be a live auction at 4pm where all people present can bid.
The silent auction will close at 3:30pm tomorrow.
Any queries can come directly to the president (me) and I will be the last right of reply.
If jerseys do reach maximum of $100 then there will be notification via the website and face book.

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