Applications Open for a 2017 Head Coach

The Alexandria Dukes are seeking a new Head Coach for 2017. Expressions of interest should be sent to [email protected] and contain an introduction, background of your rugby & coaching experience, and brief overview of your intended coaching strategy and philosophy.

Click below for further information on the role and responsibilities, or click here to download a PDF.

About the Club

The Alexandria Dukes are a social rugby club established in 2011, that aim to build a friendly and inclusive club culture where amateur rugby can be enjoyed by all. The Club currently consists of a single senior men’s team, placing it in division 6 (for one-team clubs) of the NSW Suburban Rugby Union (“Subbies”).

In its early years the Club regularly fielded a 2nd XV team in the Subbies Halligan Cup competition, but has faced challenges in recent years with training structure, club culture and player retention.

The Club aims to re-establish a 2nd XV (Halligan Cup) side, to provide a broader range of opportunities for our players –

  • A 1st XV committed to regular training and competitive performance, motivated by a weekly selection process based on ability, attitude and attendance.
  • A 2nd XV providing development opportunities for players new to the game, and playing opportunities for our increasing network of “old boys” who lack the time or physical capacity to commit to weekly training or games.

The Dukes believe rugby should be enjoyed off the field as much as on, and pride themselves on a strong social culture, including pub crawls, lawn bowls days and other events. They always invite their opponents back to the pub after home games, and return to their opponent’s pub when away.

Overview of the Role

The Head Coach’s role is to manage the on-field performance of the Club, developing a depth of talent in the broader player base, with a focus on selecting and coaching the 1st XV.

As the Club aims to re-establish a 2nd XV side, an Assistant Coach will be sought (in consultation with the Head Coach) to focus on managing and coaching the 2nd XV while assisting the Head Coach with their duties. An Assistant Forward Coach and Assistant Back Coach will also be sought (in consultation with the Head Coach) from the Club’s old boys to assist the Head and Assistant Coaches with training and game-day requirements.

The Head Coach role will also provide leadership within the Club as a whole, assisting with mentoring and development of the Assistant Coaches, and working with the Committee and Club Captain to build a positive club culture, driving player recruitment and retention.

Time Commitment

4-6 hours per week. Training is traditionally held on a Wednesday night near Redfern/Alexandria (2017 location TBC) and games are played late Saturday afternoons. The Club’s home ground is Booralee Park, located in Botany. Away games are held at various locations across Sydney.


Recognising the amateur status of the Club and Subbies competition as a whole, this is an unpaid/volunteer role, ideally suited to a retired player eager to re-immerse themselves in the social culture of a grassroots rugby club.

However, recognising the value of coaching development, the Club will cover the costs for the successful applicant to complete the ARU Foundation Coaching (Level 1) Course (a 1-day course costing $95) or, if you already hold this, the Developing Coach (Level 2) Accreditation (a 2-3 day course costing $440).


All coaching positions will be vacated annually at the completion of the season. The existing coaching staff will be encouraged to re-apply, and the Committee will recognise their service and performance in considering any new applicants for the role.

Main Duties

  1. Club Performance

    1. Initiate an annual training plan and club playing philosophy for the upcoming season.
    2. Coordinate with the Committee on recruitment of Assistant Coaches and any required support staff i.e. skills coach, manager, physiotherapist, sports trainer, strength and conditioner etc.
    3. Provide individual skills training when applicable.
    4. Set long term and short term goals and expected outcomes.
    5. Assist and implement styles of play throughout the Club
    6. Provide skill development on an individual basis where required i.e. kicking, lineout throwing, tackling, passing etc.
    7. Devise and evaluate a program designed to enhance the skill level of individual players where applicable.
  2. Coach Performance

    1. Develop and advise on coach education programs for assistant coaches.
    2. Provide guidance and a pathway for future coaches.
    3. Provide knowledge and information on Rugby related issues e.g. change of laws, new coaching innovations and techniques.
    4. Provide feedback and evaluation on coaching performance.
  3. Club Growth and Culture

    1. Assist the Club with identifying and recruitment of potential players and coaches.
    2. In consultation with the Committee and Assistant Coaches, devise and implement selection policies that are agreed to and recorded.
    3. Ensure Assistant Coaches advise players on selection policies and what is required by the player week in week out.
  4. Club Administration

    1. Attend periodic meetings with Subbies to discuss matters arising e.g. season draw, judiciary, rep player selection policies etc.
    2. Provide periodic reports and performance evaluation to the Committee.
    3. Provide budget forecast for training equipment and other coaching expenses.
  5. Club Safety and Playing Environment

    1. Ensure a high profile is maintained in the local Rugby Community.
    2. Maintain a culture of respect and inclusiveness for all players and members, regardless of age, ability, experience, background, nationality, sexuality, race, religion, profession or any other characteristics.
    3. Perform equipment safety checks and audit.

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