ARU Smart Rugby – The Scrum

ARU Smart Rugby – Scrum Introduction
The scrum is one of the cornerstones of the game. It is where the forwards try to establish both a physical and psychological supremacy over their opponents.
It is essential that coaches correctly screen players to play in the tight-5.
At the community level, players need to be coached in correct body shape and train so that they can transfer force to their opponent whilst staying in a stable position.
Players in the front row need to be flexible, agile and develop good core strength. In the formative years tight-5 players should be encouraged to practice against another tight-5 so that they can adjust their shape to different situations.
By keeping their feet roughly shoulder width apart; having a flat back and keeping the shoulders above the level of the hips will assist on keeping the scrum up.
The 4-staged engagement sequence is a management tool to provide a controlled and safe engagement.

ARU Smart Rugby – Mayday 

Occasionally individuals in a scrum may find themselves in a situation where there is significant pressure on their neck. The ‘Mayday’ safety procedure has been developed to enable participants to take prompt action to relieve the pressure, if this situation occurs. The following is a detailed description of the procedure to be followed in sequence by players and referees, when the ‘Mayday’ call is heard.

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