Committee Role Specifications

President (Chairperson)
The individual tasks of the President (Chairperson) include:
  • To oversee the running of the Association.
  • To be present at all major functions concerning the Association including:

    – Committee Meetings
    – General Meetings
    – Union Meetings

  • To act as the Associations first representative to external bodies.
  • To attend the Clubs training sessions.
  • To agree the agenda for each committee meeting with the Secretary and to chair these meetings ensuring that the meeting runs smoothly.
  • To chair the Annual General Meeting (AGM)
Vice President
The individual tasks of the Vice President include:
  • Deputise for the President and assists chairing committee meetings, the Annual General Meeting or other formal activities of the Association.
  • Supports the Association and the Association’s committee in all it’s activities, ensuring that the committee is mindful of all agreed actions and associated time frames.
The individual tasks of the Secretary include:
  • To draft the agenda for each committee meeting with the Chairperson, to take minutes of the meeting and write them up.
  • To book a room for meetings at Club Rooms.
  • To distribute minutes to the committee members and keep a record of the minutes.
  • To maintain current records of membership and contact details.
  • To ensure that all members are kept informed of all relevant information.
  • To deal with any correspondence on behalf of the Association.
  • To maintain up to date records of committee members contact details and distribute them to the other members, including vacation details for use if needed.
  • To update the association Constitution whenever changes are made at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).
  • To provide the NSW Suburban Rugby Union, with a brief written report summarising any issues that have arisen and reporting on the successes of the year, this should be done after the AGM.
  • To inform the NSW Suburban Rugby Union of any changes in contact details or changes to Constitution.
  • Maintain all written correspondence
The individual tasks of the Treasurer include:
  • To be responsible for the association money and ensure that funds are managed appropriately and accurate records are kept.
  • To collect and bank all funds owing to the association promptly.
  • To pay all bills and affiliations and ensure that there is no overspend on your accounts.  
  • To submit budget requests in good time and liaise with the Sports and Activities Officer regarding your budget.
  • To attend the Club training sessions.
  • To report the financial position of the association to the committee and subsequently the members on a regular basis and to write a finance report for the association Annual General Meeting (AGM).
Media and Communications officer
The individual tasks of the Media and Communications include:
  • Day-to-day management of the association website;
  • To ensure it continues to achieve its objectives;
  • Together with the Committee and the IT resources, leading work on the ongoing development of the design, content and production of website.
  • To co-ordinate the association press releases and monthly members’ journal;
  • To develop and maintain a club photo library for use across a range of communications forms.
  • To contribute to planning of and arrangements for association events, in particular regarding the design and production of materials;
  • To represent the association at internal and external events as required.
Sponsorship Coordinator
The individual tasks of the sponsorship coordinator include:
  • Support the association in the creation of sponsorship proposals and identification of creative leveraging opportunities for new and existing sponsors.
  • Be the first point of contact for all sponsors servicing.
  • Produce and distribute annual sponsor info packs, outlining each company’s schedule of benefits and relevant contact information.
  • Maintain up to date files on each sponsor and the benefits to which they are entitled, and track benefits as they are taken up throughout the year.
  • Manage schedules in relation to the delivery of marketing and corporate entertainment benefits to sponsors as detailed in their annual agreements.
  • Liaise with sponsors re: timelines and other requirements to ensure the supply of all signage and advertising material (such as advertisements in programs and foyer signage) and follow up if material has not been delivered as deadlines approach.
  • Coordinate all sponsor entertainment, catering, invitations, tickets and vouchers as well as additional entertainment requirements throughout the year.
  • Liaise with venues and catering suppliers to coordinate functions on behalf of sponsors.
Social Secretary
The individual tasks of the Social Secretary include:
  • To discuss ideas for social events with the Committee and draft a social planner;
  • To organise the annual Club dinner;
  • To organise a social event at the start of the year so that new members can interact with the existing members;
  • To liaise with the Treasurer over association funds available for social events and disbursements of funds made from events;
  • To liaise with members to find out what social events they would like and to advertise events.
Club Captain
The individual tasks of the Team Captain include:
  • To ensure that players know what is expected of them in terms of commitment and attitude towards training and competition.
  • To communicate with the players and to listen and react appropriately to any problems which may arise. 
  • To liaise with other Team Captains and the Committee.
  • Ensure players have access to transport for matches;
  • Communicate player concerns with the coach and committee;
  • To report any accident or incident to the Safety Officer.
Safety Officer
The individual tasks of the Safety Officer include:    
  • To be the primary contact with the Health & Safety Advisor
  • To ensure that all association activities/events have a qualified first aider present with a complete first aid kit.
  • To update the association Code of Conduct and Risk Assessment form each year before budget applications.
  • To ensure that the Code of Conduct and Duty of Care document are read and understood by all members and for the documents to be readily available if needed.
  • To insure that all members have read and the Alexandria Dukes Safety Statement and signed to agree that they understand it.  This should be done each year and list of signatures have to be returned to the Sports Office.
  • To hold a file of Group Leaders/Instructors, Instructors qualifications/certificates, together with a copy of all First Aiders Certificates and to provide the NSW Suburban Rugby Union with a copy of the file.  This file must be kept up to date and the NSW Suburban Rugby Union must be notified of any changes.
  • To make sure that all equipment used is safe and to carry out regular checks on equipment.
  • To attend all training courses and instruct the committee on risk assessment.
  • To carry out regular risk assessments throughout the year.
  • To ensure that all accidents and near misses are recorded using association accident records. 
General Committee Members  
These people don’t have a specific duty. They are ordinary members who have some good ideas about encouraging the Alexandria Dukes RFC to grow and be enjoyed by all.
There is no closed door on the committee – all members are welcome.

All these roles can be taken on by any member with an interest to be involved.

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