Dukes from Alexandria set to land in Lane Cove

Time to get fired up! Back at the pub after last week’s game the Menai boys remarked “You gave us a great game, really didn’t give up and made us fight for ground – was a big shock!”

Aiming to turn our fortunes around, this Saturday we’ll be bringing this same intensity against Lane Cove who also took a loss last week. After the massive turn out and hard work put in at training this week, we’re set mix it up a bit on the paddock.

Round 2 - Lane Cove v Dukes 2nds

Tantallon Oval
Noice Cup

Round 2 - Lane Cove v Dukes

Tantallon Oval
Jeffrey Cup

Click the headers of each countdown to view the full team list.

With Chris Stephenson joining the backs begs the question – for a guy without any hair, how much gel do you use to make sure it stays perfect during the game? Our captain Reece “Tank” Milne (or is it “Doc” now?) was making sure we all made plenty of noise at training, keeping our defensive line tight and not conceding any ground.

Lane Cove Colts won the comp last year but word on the street is their boat race ain’t as strong. The Dukes will be down at the Great Northern Hotel for the third half, making sure to show them that playing rugby is only half our game.

2nd grade to be at the ground by 1pm to warm up for a 2pm kick off.
1st grade to arrive before 2pm to clap them on, then warm up for 3:15 kick off.

Get a good night’s rest Friday because Saturday is rugby a day.

Parra Bellum!

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