Club History and Formation

The suburb of Alexandria, where our club was founded by Phillip Tovey in 2011, is situated 3km to the south of the Sydney CBD and was originally part of the suburb of Waterloo until their split in 1868. Waterloo was named after the Battle of Waterloo and many of the streets, parks and buildings in the area still hold the names from that battle.

The British Commander at Waterloo was The 1st Duke of Wellington, Arthur Wellesley. The strength of his reputation earned him the nickname “The Iron Duke”, and it is this name that we have taken for our team as it is also the namesake of our original club rooms at The Iron Duke Hotel on Botany Rd.

The club’s logo is a variation of the Duke of Wellington’s coat of arms, which has the red stripes (when on a coat of arms this means Warrior, Martyr and Military Strength), the gold (meaning Generosity) and the Lions (The symbol representing a Great Warrior).

The motto “Para Bellum” is Latin, which translates as “Prepare for War”. This also references the Iron Duke’s long service in the armed forces. The Iron Duke was the master of both defence and attack, traits which can be directly transferred to success on the rugby pitch.

Rugby is its own 80 minute war.