Dukes through to the Magners 7's Semi's

The Alexandria Dukes have started their 2014 campaign well with 2 wins and a loss, to make it through to the inaugural NSW Suburban Rugby 7’s.

The weather wasn’t perfect for 7’s, but when you get sponsored by an Irish drink you tempt fate and kind of bring the Irish weather with you. BUt it didn’t stop a decent turnout for the Pool A matches.  Duke man even made it to the game and ran touch line for the Dukes Games

The first game for the Dukes was against Lane Cove.  The Dukes scored midway through the half to go up 5-0.  Lane Cove hit back not long after under the posts to make it 5-7 at half time.  The 2nd half started of with a try to the Dukes to take the lead ack and they never looked like losing then.  Missing a couple of opportunities, but scoring a great set piece try in the last few minutes to win the game 15-7.

The 2nd game was against Redfield and the less said the better.  Basically, they ran the ball and didn’t stop.  Showed why they are up there with the favorites for the title.  Final score 8 – 0 (8 tries).

The final Dukes game was against the Hosts of the tournament, Canterbury.  It was a seesawing affair.Canterbury was first to score and looked quite ready to bring the game.  The Dukes hit back late in the first half to have the scores level at half time.  The 2nd half saw the Dukes and Canterbury both have issues with the handling of the ball.  The rain had been coming down consistently all night, but it was the Dukes who came out on top with an 80 metre try by Ryan Bowring.  There were no goals kicked by the Dukes all night.  

With a couple of players out with other commitments, Dennis Lee, Kymm “Sarg” Beer and Corey “#IMSTILLDRINKINGMYYARDGLASS” Mangan come into the squad.

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