Dukes vs St George @ Carrs Park

Awesome session Dukes. Great to see almost 2 full sides at training.
Welcome to the new boys tonight, I hope you found session did you well and we’ll see you on Saturday.
Joel Horscroft-Smith, Mark Geddes and I will name an 8 man bench for this weekend by Friday lunch on the website.
If you’re not on the bench still bring your gear as there are always things occur and there are always jobs to be done. The game is at Carrs Park. If you need a lift there will be a number of cars leaving the Iron Duke Hotel at 1.15pm. If your getting there yourself then make dure your there by 2.15pm and ready to warm up at 2.45pm. The Sheriff will have his note pad out.
We will be running 2 grades from either round 3 or 4, depending on the numbers for each week and how the draw pans out. But there are at least 2 teams in our competition where there are 2 teams with Maccabi and Fairvale/Lansvale running 2 teams.
I must say for me it is an exciting time that we have as much depth and that a second team is a real option.
This weekend the 1st XV will be:
1. George Hicks
2. Zak Poliva
3. Billy Hodgetts
4. Tom O’Connor
5. Matt Sullivan
6. James Schulz
7. Jacob Jones
8. Cameron Cooper
9. Sam Ryan
10. Ryan Bowring
11. Phil Hughes
12. Cameron Dombkins
13. Brendan Hoskins
14. Vladislav Yershov
15. Kelly Wilson

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