Dukes vs The Vales @ Nagle Park Kick off 3.15

The Kiss of Death has been put on the Dukes by the Friday Files (formerly the Holding report), for this weekends match vs Fairvale/Lansvale with a 3:15 kick off at Nagle Park this Saturday. 

Round 4 Wrap
The Dukes took on Maccabi in their round 4 clash and from the get go, it was always going to be tight.
The Maccabi team were young fit and agile.  They knew how to get around the Park, but possibly lacked some finishing skills.  They did however have a kicker with a big boot.

The first half saw points only from the boot with 3 penalty goals to the Maccabi fullback.  Discipline let the Dukes down and was reflected in the penalty goals.  The defence however was punishing.  The referee slowed the game alot due to his blowing of the whistle and quite possibly needs to scrub up on what is a dangerous tackle due to the fact that in 2 instances he carded players where they did not meet the criteria.

The 2nd half did not see points until the last play.  However the Dukes had ample scoring opportunities the last pass did not stick or the referee liked the sound of his whistle.  The penalty count against the Dukes was 22 – 3 in the 2nd half and this was exasperated by a 3rd yellow card.

The last play was a try to Maccabi with the Dukes unable to replace injured players, meaning 13 players on the pitch.  All in all it was quite scrappy, but a big effort to all on the pitch with defence showing strong.  Final score 14-0 and penalties 38 – 5 against.

The referee may have had it in for us due to the fact his bag was moved, but, we need to focus on doing the simple things and keeping the discipline.

Round 5

This week sees the Dukes take on the Vales.  Dukes got their first mention in the subbies journal.

Until Thursday the Vales were playing 2 teams making this weekend a Halligans week before the main, but due to a number of infractions the Vales Halligans team have been told they are no longer able to play the rest of the season.

So this week its only the 1st XV again.  The team to start is as follows:

1. Zak Pohiva
2. Camron Rawson
3. George Hicks
4. Chris Kingdon
5. Paul Blake
6. David Malcrida
7. Jacob Jones
8. Cameron Cooper (C). 
9. Kelly Wilson
11. Ben Stepkovich

10. Aaron Nunn
12. Aaron Whiteley
13. Cameron Dombkins
14. Sean Byrne
15. Tom Clifford

16. Phil Hughes
17. Kevin Addison
18. Mick Hodgetts
19. Alex Schulz
20. James Schulz
21. Naki Poliva
22. Hayden
23. Vlad Yershov
24. Jonathon Row
25. Phil Tovey

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