EVENT – 12 Pubs of Christmas

Each year, on the last Friday before Christmas, the 12 pubs committee, or anyone who has the inclination, organise a global (or local) event comprising of a jovial journey through 12 drinking establishments selected by the committee to be the official pubs for that year.

However due to a number of us not being able to attend due to other commitments all over the world I am suggesting a twelve pubs of Christmas on Friday 7th December.
The spirit of the event is one of seasonal mirth-making, but nonetheless certain rules are stipulated which must be adhered to at all times.
On completion of the Twelve Pubs, many find themselves with a great sense of achievement, or a sore head. Or both.
The event is centralised in the Paddington/Woollahra area.  See the pubs, start times and rules, below.

Kick off at 6pm,
route as follows:

  1. Grand National
  2. London Tavern
  3. Imperial Hotel
  4. Paddington Inn
  5. Paddington Arms
  6. The Light Brigade
  7. The Centennial
  8. Woollahra Hotel
  9. Lord Dudley
  10. Four in Hand
  11. Bellevue
  12. The Royal at
    Five Ways
General Rules
  • Every participant must buy at least 1 alcoholic beverage
    per pub (pints are expected)
  • Every participant has 30 minutes to drink their pint. A
    signal will be given to give a 5 minute warning, and a final signal will be
    given when it is time to leave the pub.
  • Snitching and catching people out is ENCOURAGED!!
  • Santa hats are MANDATORY.  Anyone who is not wearing a Santa hat must do a shot
    in the first pub.
  • Right handed drinking when the big hand is between 12 and
    6. Left handed drinking when the big hand is between 6 and 12.  Anyone breaking the Must do a shot in the pub
  • Anyone who falls over must do a shot in the next pub.
  • If the group are not admitted to a pub, the nearest
    available pub(s) must be used.
  • Participants can get food after leaving pub 5 but must
    consume it within 10 minutes.
  • Anyone who is responsible for getting the group kicked
    out of the pub or is themselves ejected must do a shot in the next pub.
  • You must not carry your pee between pubs.  ie. Finish your beer, go to the loo.  If you go to the loo before finishing your
    beer, you will be deemed to have carried your pee from the previous pub and
    must do a shot in the pub you broke the rule.
For more information please turn up on the first pub on Friday 7th December @ 6pm

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