Five Man Line Out

This is a lineout play that can be used in any pitch position. It is suitable for rugby teams with more mobile players and two jumpers. You can use this play to attack with a catch and drive or a backs move.


Why this rugby drill works

  • It challenges the opposition to either match numbers, cover the gaps or stack the lineout, leaving gaps in midfield.
  • In midfield areas you can introduce the spare forwards into the first phase of play. Nearer your own line, you will have the numbers behind the lineout to cover tap backs.

Good if you have
Difficulty winning the ball on a full lineout because the opposition has two or more good jumpers. This move takes away their advantage because they will find it more difficult to cover all the options.

Common mistakes

• The movement isn’t dynamic. Your players take too long covering the ground and getting the jumper into the air.

• Players do not move quickly from the dummy to the actual lift.


What to think about
Move player 5 forwards a little to begin with. This will open up space behind them for players 4, 6 and 3 to exploit.


Players spread out evenly along the line.


Players 5 and 6 run towards the back of the line. Player 4 moves back three paces.

Player 4 turns to meet player 1. Player 3 races from the back of the line to lift player 4 with player 1.


Player 4 takes the catch.


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