Heading North!

The forecast was for a “month of rain in 3 days” but like a postie with a broken motorbike, it’s failed to deliver. Grounds are open for today’s face off against Chatswood.

Putting two full teams on the field for the 4th week running, the Dukes are hoping to finally chase down a win for the 1st grade side. Hope we’ll see you at Beauchamp Oval from 2pm to cheer us on. All players must arrive by 1pm.

Post match, we’ll be sticking around for a few beers at the ground before joining Chatswood for the 3rd half at The Orchard.

Round 5 - Chatswood v Dukes 2nds

Beauchamp Park
Noice Cup

Round 5 - Chatswood v Dukes

Beauchamp Park
Jeffrey Cup

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