Jun ’19

The Dukeman is back! 

Here to give you your run down of all things Dukes and Duchesses for the upcoming month! To start, a much needed pub crawl kicking off proceedings in June! It’s been too long between drinks and Dukeman is jumping and jiving ready to chug-a-lug and help the Queen celebrate her birthday in my own very special way – getting shitfaced in The Rocks. Come along in your best “royalty” themed dress ups but please, no Wally “The King” Lewis impersonators…the wounds are too fresh from Wednesday night…bloody Queenslanders…

Enough about the other code but keeping with the “drinks” theme – boat races. Now, last time I had a platform to speak at the tail end of last month the boys had blasted their way through the preseason and the opening round of the competition. But ever since the boys have dropped off! What’s doing?! Thankfully it has been somewhat resurrected after Old Boys day but even then, some of the netball girls are drinking you under the table! Two things, first, girls you’re in the right place and at the right club for you! Second, boys, up your game!

Now onto the field and the court where the guys and girls have been giving it their all this past month and both teams reaping the rewards of their efforts, gathering wins in both the Rugby and Netball competitions. On the rugby field Dukeman can’t keep his eye off Chris Stephenson. This massive human just doesn’t know what giving up is and has been killing it on the field with some huge runs and massive hits. Sooner or later the other teams might actually learn to avoid him. For the Duchesses, Laura McLaughlin has been bagging goals left, right and centre on the court and has been smashing the boat races off the court! Keep it up Laura and we’ll have to put you in a rugby jersey before the season is out just to get our boat race team back on track!

Old Boys Day! Boy oh boy did it live up to expectations. While the old boys weren’t able to get a win themselves, first grade finally got the first competition points against Engadine. The OB’s played and drunk just as hard as they used to back when they were regulars for the Dukes. Unable to get the win over Lane Cove but still showing the current crop of players they were far from done when it came to their playing days…even though the space in between the days they play may need to be extended. Each year of the Dukes was represented on the day from our inaugural game through to last year, we had a player from each season take the field, something I hope continues for a while! Maybe one of these days, Dukeman might make an appearance 😉

Coming up this month a lot of our games are away from home base, but that wont stop Dukeman from sniffing out a post game meal and beer back at the Captain Cook Hotel. Top food, top drinks and great company, if you enjoy a schnitty & chips with a schooner of liquid gold, the CCH is the place to be. Our only home game for the month is against Burraneer late in the piece (29/06), with away games against the Convicts (15/06) and the Sea Lice (22/06). Meanwhile on the netball court, the Duchesses are up against Marrickville RSL, Saints Blue and UNSW White (each Saturday except for the Long Weekend).

Well, thats it for another wrap up so until next time…

Cheers and Beers,