KSOL Cup – Super XV tipping 2012

The Dukes in conjunction with our sponsor KSOL have started a tipping competition for the 2012 Super XV season.  There is a $100 first prize, and there is no entry cost. As well as the prize money the winner will have their name added to the KSOL cup held at our club rooms FOR EVER

The administration of the competition will be on-line and completed by SuperBru.  Just click the link below, register, and enter the pool code: 

Pool name: KSOL Cup -ADRFC
Pool code: petsplot

How do I make picks?
Visit the make picks page to make predictions. On the make picks page, you’ll be able to choose what round or games to pick. You don’t need to do all the games at once, as long as you get the pick for each game in by the start of play as is advertised by SuperBru. If you are in other SuperBru competitions, the choices you make will apply in all your pools – i.e. you only make one pick per game in SuperBru, and it gets filtered into all your pools.
What will I predict?
The core principle is always to ask you to predict which team will win, and by how much. So, you’ll pick which team will win the game, and the margin of victory. Or, you can pick a draw.
When can I make my picks?
As soon as all the games loaded for a tournament, you’ll be able to make your picks, even weeks ahead to far distant rounds. 
What is the deadline for making picks?
The deadline is the start of play of each game as we have it listed. However, we strongly encourage you to give yourself at least a few hours before the start of play to ensure that you get your picks in safely. The site can be extremely busy at kick-off time.
What if I can’t make my picks?
If you have any trouble, the most important thing is to get your predictions on the record before the start of play. Try our mobile site at m.superbru.com, or Contact us or email us at [email protected] with your predictions, and we’ll add them for you. Sometimes it might take us a while, but at least they are on record. We cannot accept any picks after the deadline. If you do contact us, don’t just say “I can’t make my picks”: tell us “I can’t make my picks – here is what I want: ” and list your predictions. If you don’t make any picks, you may be allocated a default pick.
Where can I see my picks and the results?
All your picks and the your pool’s results are displayed in the pool results pages. Click the tab for your pool in the navigation up top, then select “View picks/results”. Your individual picks are also visible on your player performance page.
When will I get my email reminder?
SuperBru will send out reminders to make picks by email; you should receive one email per round of the tournament (unless you’ve already made your picks for that round). Generally these reminders go out about 48 hours before the first game of the round.  Treat the reminder as a nice-to-have, not a guarantee: not receiving a reminder will not be an excuse for not having made your picks.
Can I change my picks?
No, picks are final, because once you’ve made yours you’ll be able to see those of others in your pool, and being able to choose again would be unfair as you’d now have an information disadvantage. If you have made a very obvious mistake, contact us about it and we may change your pick for you – but no guarantees!
Why are all picks not kept hidden until a game has started?
Some players have asked us to hide all picks in a pool until the pick deadline, so that there is no chance of somebody being told by a friend what other people in the pool have picked so that he can make a better pick.
Scoring system
The scoring system aims to reward different aspects of prediction with different types of points.  You’ll see these represented all around the site as:

  • WP (Win Point);
  • MP (Margin Point); 
  • BP (Bonus Point);
  • Grand Slam Point (GSP)

Win Point (WP)
You’ll score a Win Point if you correctly predict the winner of a game (or a draw, where applicable), irrespective of margin.
Margin Point (MP)
The Margin Point rewards accuracy in margin: if your margin prediction is within 5 points of the actual score margin, you’ll pick up a MP worth 0.5 pts.
Bonus Point (BP)
The Bonus Point rewards the closest pick(s) in a given pool. It applies inside each pool only and does not count globally. This means whilst you could score the BP in one pool, you might not in another where someone else has made a better pick than you.
Grand Slam Point (GSP)
The Grand Slam Point rewards getting all the winners in a given round of the tournament correct. It does not necessarily apply to all rounds.

Competition updates will be made after the last game of each week to the “KSOL Cup – Super XV tipping 2012” tipping page, but for a full list, go to SuperBru

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