Match Report – Round 9 – Dukes Old Boys vs Engadine Lions

Round 9 saw the best game that the Dukes Old Boys had put
together all season as they were edged out by the Engadine Lions 18-10.

The first half was very tightly contested with both teams
not giving up ground easy and the slippery conditions underfoot made the game
scrappy and points very hard to come by. For the most part, the field position
game was played by both sides with tactical kicking playing a pivotal role. Mid
way through the half, fullback Craig Brent was unlucky in his attempt at a
penalty goal from 35m out, slightly left of the uprights. The kick was solid
and had the distance easily but just missing to the left. 

Late in the half, fly half Benny Tureva sprinted away from
the opposition down the sideline from broken field play and put inside centre
(and brother) Apete Tureva away for a magnificent try to put the Dukes up 7-0.
The Dukes held on to the lead into the half time break on a high after the
sensational play of all 15 men on the field. 

Dukes – Brothers in Arms!
(L to R: Apete Tureva, Hung Luong and Benny Tureva)

The second half saw a confident Dukes outfit against a shell
shocked Lions side, clearly not expecting to be down at the half time break.
The second half was much the same as the first with scrappy football being at
the forefront. 10 minutes into the half, Engadine earned a break away try to streak away under the posts to draw even at 7-7. 5 minutes later, a penalty shot was taken by Engadine from
45m out (a great kick that only just cleared the crossbar) and shortly after,
Craig Brent struck back to get 3 points from right on the opposition 22m to get
the Dukes back to level at 10-10.

The Dukes forward pack charging downfield.

65 minutes into the match and the Dukes boys were running on
empty, only the pride in the jersey and the willingness to play for each other
keeping the boys going. At this point, the Lions were able to put their bench
to use, bringing on a larger and fresher forward pack as well as some speed in
the backline. 

The revitalised Lions outfit struck against the run of play as the Dukes were pushing the Engadine line, turnover ball soon saw them string together some very neat passes and were able to find the try line after exposing the Dukes wide out. The conversion attempt was unsuccessful from wide out, but with a penalty kick converted soon after pushed the Lions lead out to 18-10 with 5
minutes to go. The Dukes were out on their feet for the final 5 minutes and
gave it their all to try and get back into the game but it was not to be, though they did scare the Lions and made them earn the victory every step of the way. Final
score 18-10 to the Engadine Lions. Overall, a great game and a fantastic effort.

President Emeritus with new Duke Aaron Whelan

Coaches points
are as follows; 
3 pts – James Purnell (c) 
2 pts – Phil Hughes 
1 pt  – The Front Row

Special mention to Benny Tureva, Apete Tureva and Craig Brent who all played
tremendously and who were all unlucky to miss out on coaches points. Another
special mention must go to the boat race team of Phil Hughes, Paul Ledwith and
Phil Tovey who got the win over the Engadine boys.

The part of the day that really counts…
(“Seated” Boat Race winners – Paul Ledwith, Phil Hughes, Phil Tovey)

A small note…this match report, in no way, did the boys
justice in describing the heart, determination, drive and unity that was
displayed for the full 80 minutes of the game. Hold your heads high Dukes, you
earned respect on and off the field from the opposition, the supporters and
your fellow clubmen for your efforts. Be proud of the effort that was put in
and the outcome achieved.

Para Bellum!

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