May ’19

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Our long national nightmare is over. After countless weeks sitting around on a Saturday afternoon with nothing to do, RUGBY IS HERE! We can finally all meet at Booralee Park, have a beer, eat a snag and kick on into a late night at the Cook without the WAGs asking questions! Sadly, the girls will still have to wait for netball to roll around. Keep working on your excuses to avoid questioning…only 2 weeks to go though!

We have many events on the horizon, not the least of which is our Old Boys & Sponsors Day (01/06 vs Engadine). Needless to say, I’m excited! The barbie will be firing, the beers will be cold and the Dukes will be looking to snatch a victory from the Lions on the day before a big night back at the Cook. All Old Boys, Old Supporters and Sponsors are more than welcome to attend. If you are thinking of attending, hit up Mango (Corey), Schulzy (James) or the club website via email, Facebook, text, phone call, smoke signal, carrier pigeon, whatever your method of communication is.

Other home games this month include a clash with North Cronulla (11/05) and a match up against Maccabi (18/05). Get down and show the boys some support and grab a beer and a snag while you’re at it.

The Duchesses kick off their season on the 11th of May against a yet to be named opponent at a yet to be named time at Heffron Park Netball Courts. Dukeman wishes you all the best in your inaugural match, give em’ hell girls!

Now onto the most important piece of information in this article. The boat races. The boys continued their fine preseason form (2 from 2!), motoring through the Convicts after the Round 1 clash. I’m hoping at this rate that the boys may be able to go undefeated for the year, get some extras in at the Cook boys, Dukeman believes in you!

For this weekend against Engadine boys, May the Fourth be with you!

Cheers and Beers,