Meldrum Cup 2013

You will note that the following teams do not return to the Meldrum Cup 2013 and have folded.

  1. Seaforth
  2. Liverpool
New teams to the Meldrum Cup are International College of Management Sydney.  ICMS, have previously been affiliated with Forrest and have now broken away to become their own club.  Currently they are based in Manly, ground TBC.

The 2013 draw will be out in the next few days, but it is likely that with an 11 team competition there will be at least 1 bye, possibly 2 in an 18 round competition*.

*It was decided at the suburban Div 5 and 6 meeting that in the event of a greater than 10 team competition, the draw would be completed based on a region if there was a natural split. ie. North/South.  The other option was to play all teams once and then the 2nd round would be at random.

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