Meldrum Cup Round 8 Vs Chatswood RC – Beauchamp Park, Chatswood

Dukes and Duchesses it’s buck hunting time.  

The Dukes take on the Chatswood Rugby Club (otherwise known as the stags) this weekend @ Beauchamp Park Chatswood.
Chatswood have been on some what of a resurgence this season after the enlistment of some new (and some old) cattle in both the playing and coaching ranks.  After another small loss to the students last week, the Dukes are on a Crusade, looking to bring home some Antlers to put in Duchy.
The Chatswood boys drink at Monkey Bar.  A fine establishment, which is ridiculously close to the station.  As such, you may want to consider ditching the Stallion and taking the Sydney Rail service to and from the game.  It is a 10 minute walk to Beauchamp Park from the station (see map below)

  • A – Chatswood station
  • B- Beauchamp Park
  • C – The Monkey Bar

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