Player Profile – Sneakers (James McMillan)

James McMillan
Date of Birth:  5 July 1973
Nationality: Australian
Height: 194cm
Weight: 107kgs
Position: blindside flanker, #8
Previous Clubs: UWS Macarthur, West Harbour,
Burnaby Lake (Vancouver), Kilburn Cosmos (London), Battersea Ironsides
(London), City of London (London), The M.O.B (Macarthur Old Boys),
Nick Name: depends on the group of friends,
Sneakers, Mac, Macca, BFG, Frank the Tank, Aussie (by the incredibly
imaginative Canadians), plus a variety of others.
Daytime job:
Superannuation Operations Specialist
Super Rugby team:
NSW Waratahs
Career highlight to date:
Playing against Willie O in a trial versus Manly.
Pre-game ritual:
Wearing odd socks, 1 MOB sock, 1 club sock.
Inspirational saying:
“Get busy living, or get busy dying” Morgan
Freeman from Shawshank Redemption.
Favourite player growing up:
Willie O
When I was a kid I wanted to be
An archaeologist, a-la Indiana Jones
Favourite holiday destination:
Sporting hero:
John Eales, the guy is a total legend!
Most famous person ever met:
John Howard when he was prime minister
Favourite movie:
Empire Strikes Back
Favourite TV show:
Currently Game of Thrones.
Best advice ever received:
“we’re all ending up in the same spot in the long
run so you may as well have a lot of fun getting there”
Worst advice ever received:
“It’s just one jagerbomb, it’s easy to just have
one. You’ll be fine tomorrow.”
Super-human power:
To be able to breathe underwater. It’d make
snorkelling and scuba diving far easier.
Favourite meal to cook:
Your last $10, what would you
2-up anybody, $5 on Tails….twice. Tails never

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