Round 1 wrap vs Sydney Grammar Old Boys

Saturday 6 of April 2013 is a day that all Dukes players should be proud of. We played SGOB who were the premiums of last year and we did a good job despite the 27-17 loss.
The kick off start well just the way we planned, for first 30 minutes we were awesome in all areas.
The first half SGOB had 60 percent of ball possession, but with our solid defence we kept them scoreless for about 30 minutes.
We were good in the rucks and counter rucks but our decisions let us down.
Saying our scrum was dominate for the hole game is a bit of an understatement, but at the end of the day it’s all about scan the game and make the right decisions, but we tried to implement what we trained, it nearly came off, that’s well done.
We go into the second half with a 5/3 lead to the bad guys.
The second half was a 50/50 chance for both sides. Our line outs were poor and the  bad guys took advantage of the situation.
We tried our very best to win this game and got a penalty and put three points on the board.
In the fifty minute mark the score was level and became a arm wrestle between the two sides.
We lost a player to the bin and the bad guys scored, not long after that the good guys scored.
The bad guys put the game away in the seventieth minute but we still put a fight up to come close, we scored and need one point for a bonus point but we ran out of time, so the bad guys got away with a win.
To the good guys keep your heads up and be proud of yourself ,come to training and we can fix it.
Well done boys we can do it .
Wayne Africa
Amici per rugby.

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