Rugby is on!!!

If you are coming on the bus, it is
leaving the Iron Duke at 1pm.  
If you have not put your name down and you need a lift, speak
to Billy (0414217453) ASAP and we can try to arrange something a spot or a car pool

Alternatively, make sure you are at the ground for 2pm, to ensure strapping and preperations.

If you have any issues, please call Phil Tovey on 0450 200 638 or George Horne on 0405 746 937 

1    Phillip Tovey
2    Nicholas Mackenzie
3    Michael Hodgetts
4    Chris Kritikos
5    Andrew Logan
6    Alexander Schulz
7    James Schulz
8    Nico Le Roux
9    Matthew Dench
10    Mitchell Ferry
11    Lewis Royal
12    Jacob Tautaiolefua
13    Samuel Tukaki
14    Corey Mangan
15    Rhys Dodson
16    Dennis Lee
17    Haydn Davies
18    Kevin Addison
19    Kymm Beer
20    Luke Greer
21    Matthew Williams
22    Samuel Robinson
23    Wayne Fitzgerald

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