Simple rugby move from a lineout

This rugby move comes from Top 14 French team Perpignan. The rugby skills and set-up required are simple enough for most teams to use it. The move works best from a lineout.

You win the lineout at the middle or back. The ball is delivered off the top followed by a flat long pass to the first receiver, who takes the ball running. He gives a flat pass to a centre to attack the opposition.
1. From the ruck, the ball is fed to a pod (group) of three players on the run, moving into midfield.

2. The middle player stops two to three metres from the opposition and feeds the ball back to the clearing passer on the loop (run around).

3. The clearing passer passes the ball to the waiting back line.

With the defenders focusing on the first pod of three players, space is created wider out. The second wave of attackers can now create havoc in the defence.

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