Squad for Saturday

Gents, we have had to named an extended bench of 25 to play St George.
We can only play 23 on the day.
We will be having a Halligan game in round 3 which will mean more game time for all. 
There is an opportunity to play this weekend at 9.45 at Waverley but am asking the president if there is a chance of playing at Carrs Park before our game.  But is extremely late notice I know. There will be much more structure around 2nds next week.
But this week the squad is as follows.
This weekend the 1st XV will be:
1. George Hicks
2. Zak Pohiva
3. Billy Hodgetts
4. Tom O’Connor
5. Matt Sullivan
6. James Schulz
7. Jacob Jones
8. Cameron Cooper
9. Sam Ryan
10. Ryan Bowring
11. Phil Hughes
12. Cameron Dombkins
13. Brendan Hoskins
14. Vladislav Yershov
15. Kelly Wilson
16. Corey Mangan
17. Kevin Addison
18. Prop or Hooker
19. Alex Cavanaugh
20. Alex Schulz
21. Dane Le Ray
22. Rob Blake
23. Esie
24. Brody Rumsby
25. Aaron Whiteley
If you haven’t been named in the starting team and you are available for a Halligan game at 2pm or early then text me on 0450200638 or email [email protected]
Otherwise I will see you all at the ground tomorrow.

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