Alexandria Dukes RFC Golden Oldies – The Rusty Iron Dukes

The Alexandria Dukes RFC are looking for interested parties
for an over 35’s Golden Oldies team named ‘The Rusty Iron Dukes’.  To qualify you must have turned 35 years old.  It provides enjoyment for players of all
levels, and focuses on participation rather than winning.
There are some special dispensations for players who are of
age.  These are represented by the wearing of coloured shorts other than club shorts.

Coloured Shorts
  • Up to 59 years – Club shorts
  • 60-64 years (or any player who through medical or
    physical conditions does not want to be tackled) – Red shorts. Can be claimed,
    not tackled
  • 65-69 years – Gold shorts. Not to be tackled
  • 70-84 years – Purple shorts. Not to be tackled
  • 85+ years – Special shorts will be provided by
    the Committee.  Not to be tackle

It is the intention to have the Rusty Iron Dukes first game on
the Alexandria Dukes Ladies Day which is Saturday 2nd August 2014.
If you are interested in playing rugby for the Rusty Iron Dukes
contact Phillip Tovey on 0450200638 or email [email protected]

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