Training and Round 12 game vs Terrey Hills

Dukes.  Due to the weather that we have had over the last week, the City of Sydney and Centennial Parklands Trust have closed all grounds (despite the web sites saying otherwise).  This has impacts on both training tonight and possibly our game on the weekend.

Training – Thursday 27 June 2013
Due to Alexandria Park being closed, training has been cancelled.  It is a shame but we will not have any lights at the ground to be able to train.
It is the intention that we focus a pregame team run before the game on Saturday to get a bit of composure.

Round 12 vs Terrey Hills – Saturday 29th June 2013
This is currently a home game for us and we are designated to play out of Centennial Park.  Currently Centennial Park cannot confirm if we will be able to play there.  We are investigating whether Nagle Park and other grounds may be available should we need to move.  However if local grounds are closed we will need to find an alternate venue.  This may mean that we have to travel to Terrey Hills again.

We probably won’t know until Saturday morning, but i’ll keep you updated if I find out anything before hand.

Round 11 vs SGOB’s – Catch up

I have been in contact with SGOB’s and we need to confirm a time to play.  ideally this will not be at 3:15 on Saturday of the wet weather weekend as the 3rd Lions Test is on.  We are trying to arrange a Friday night game, so watch this space.


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