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I would like wish everyone a happy new year and I hope you all had a great festive season. 
The time has come for us to start the Pre-Season.  For the next 2 weeks we will be starting with touch football @ Alexandria Park.   Touch will start at 6:30 and go for about an hour and a few beers at the Duke afterwards. 
After Australia Day we will start our proper Pre-Season Training.  Given we only have 1 training day during the week, it has been suggested by a few members that we could have a Saturday session up until we start trialling.  I will discuss this with everyone over the next few weeks, but it is very important that we are fit, to ensure a fit and injury free season.
Just before Christmas we had some good news from the Sydney City Council that they would allow us to play at Waterloo oval on a shared basis with the Harlequins.  Whilst this still does not give us a full time training ground, we will continue to use the facilities at Alexandria Park in the interim. 


Since the new Year we have had another sponsor come on board, K-SOL, which provides a range of IT consulting solutions.    
As well as coming on a short sponsor, KSOL will host and designing our new internet site, watch out for that.   
We have also confirmed some associate clubs from around the world including:

For more information go to Associated Clubs
Social Events
After touch on Wednesday there will be an informal meeting which everyone is welcome to attend with regard to organising of our social calendar, specifically the 26th January and the Harbour cruise on the 4th February.
I hope you can make it down to touch this week or the next.  All are welcome

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