Trial Cancelled for Saturday 17th March

Players and Supporters,

As the President of the Alexandria Dukes, sometimes I need to make some calls and be the bearer of bad news with relation to our club.
The committee have a duty to ensure that all the players and supporters can enjoy rugby in a safe environment. The ground we were to have trials planned for on Saturday has grass which is 20cm high, and in between the grass are pot holes which in some instances would swallow a boot. It was in my opinion; a broken ankle waiting to happen.
Therefore, as much as it pains me, we have had to cancel our game at Wills ground, due to the field being an unacceptable risk to player safety. We have tried extremely hard to do the following, but at short notice, none of these were possible:
  • Relocate the games
  • Relocate with different clubs,
  • Join other clubs trials
As a player, I understand if you are frustrated with our decision to cancel. I was hungry for playing in this game as much as anyone, actually I was more excited about playing this game of rugby than any other I have played over the last 29 years,
The hunger for this game, I feel and could see in all the players at training, will be even greater next weekend when we trial against Dundas and Merrylands.

World’s Greatest Shave Event
The event on at the Iron Duke Hotel which we had planned for the post match is still on. This event is a celebration for us as a club, as well as for the community and charity event. As such it would be good to see all of you at the event. 
 The pub are putting on the ‘Dukes of Hazard’, a blues and rock band, from 3pm and the World’s Greatest Shave hair cutting starting from 6pm. The rugby (both Super Rugby and 6 Nations) will be on the big screens and the band will be playing until late. 
 There will be a special on between 4pm and 6pm for club members (Players and Social) on jugs of Carlton (one of our sponsors), and for those of you more inclined to have a wine there will be 2 for 1 piccolo’s.
I am still looking forward to seeing you all at the Duke on Saturday. 
 Please call me on 0450200638 should you have any questions or queries.

Yours in Rugby,

Phil Tovey
President – Alexandria Dukes RFC

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