Week 2 – Preseason Training

After a good pre-season opener last Wednesday, a small group also followed up with a Saturday afternoon session for some Fartlekking.

Hopefully we are all gettinng the most out of the full pre-season program, I know quite a few of you have been following it religiously, which is great to see, and is tribute to the commitment which this club has got.

We will be holding 2 sessions as a club again this week, however the Saturday time has been changed to 10am on request of many who are wanting to get that last taste of sumnmer.

  1. Wednesday Evening @ Alexandria Park – 6:30pm &
  2. Saturday Morning @ Alexandria Park – 10:00am

Don’t forget the program is not just a Wednesday and Saturday thing.  It is designed to get us to our playing strength and fitness.

Week 2 Program
Monday – Interval Training (self session)

  • 3 x 400 metres (FAST)
  • 3 x 200 metres (FAST)

Tuesday – Weight Training and Plyometrics (self session)

  • If you can’t get to a gym, make sure you do some resistance work, like press-ups and situps and squats.  
  • Plyometrics can be done anywhere so there is no excuse boys

Wednesday @ Alexandria Park – 6:30 – Interval Training.
If you can’t make it to training this week, make sure you get out and complete some simple Intervals.
As per the diagram below, Try and run 3/4’s on the red intervals and at Full on the Orange intervals.

Thursday – Weight Training and Plyometrics
Friday – Off
Saturday @ 10 am – Fartlekking @Alexandria Park
See the above diagram for a Fartlek structured routine, using the outside of a pitch as your guide.  After every sprint, do an exercise.
Sunday – Long Slow Distance
It’s up to you what you do, but if jogging is not your thing, ride a bike.

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