Week 5 – Pre-Season Training

Week 4 training was a great success with good numbers.  The appetite for rugby is amazing, and the intensity is overwhelming.  Everyone should be extremely proud of the efforts to date, the results are showing.  
Following on from our Wednesday sesssion and the appetite for rugby our players have asked for a Monday session.  We will be running a Monday session til at least the end of the pre-season.  Both Sessions will be at Alexandria Park starting at 6:30pm.  
If you are thinking or know anyone who is thinking about playing its not to late.  Get down to one of the sessions on Monday or Wednesday or fill out the Membership page or Enquiry Page for more information
Monday nights will be focussed on Skills and Drills and team dynamics, and Wednesdays will be following the same descipt as previous current Wednesday sessions.
We have secured our first trial for the 17th March.  The Dukes will be up against Canterbury and Waverly which will be a good first outing for a new club.  The 3 way trial will be at Wills ground with times yet to be confirmed, but looking for approxiamtely 2:00pm for the Dukes first hit-out.
We are still looking for trials for the 10th, 24th and 31st of March, so watch this space.

We aim to keep our dues down each year by being proactive in the gaining of sponsorship.  Due to the hard work done by the committee, we are able to offer a base rate of $150.00 for 2012.  This includes all your dues (including shorts and Socks), for the season and also includes your club membership of $50.00.  
This is much less than many other Suburban clubs, but as an additional kicker for players this year, registration will be discounted to $100.00 until Wednesday the 7th March.  Go to the Membership 2012 page to find the 3 ways of paying in your money

Social Membership Drive
We will be having a social members drive for the next 3 weeks (Starting Monday 27th and ending on Wednesday Sunday the 11th).  Every player who brings in a paid social member, will have $5.00 put to their player account to pay for club activities (e.g Club gear, End of season trip, tickets to club events).  
So get out there and get your friends, family and neighbours involved in the Dukes Community.  Social members can sign up at the Membership 2012 page, and get them to make a note as to who got them to join the Dukes.  Alternatively application forms can be picked up at the Iron Duke Hotel.
Don’t Forget
Super XV kicks off this weekend and you can still get into the tipping comp by going to the following link.
The Alexandria Dukes in conjunction with our sponsor the Iron Duke Hotel have started a tipping competition for the 2012 NRL season.  There will be a $10 entry fee (to be paid by the 3rd week).  
Pool name: Dukes RFC – NRL tipping 2012
Pool code: eyesflew

World’s Greatest Shave
We are still looking for  people to be involved in our World’s Greatest Shave evening, The Dukes inconjunction with a number of local businesses will be shaving their heads on the 17th March.  For more information go to the World’s Greatest Shave page.

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