Welcome to Alexandria Dukes Rugby 2014

Welcome to Alexandria
Dukes Rugby 2014
It’s been a big 2 weeks with our Bunnings BBQ at Alexandria
(which was a great success making just over $1,800 profit for the club) and the
start of training, with Commando Kymm putting the Dukes through their paces.  The hype that has come with the start of
training is great to see.  From an
administration perspective it shows that people are excited about playing and
the focus from the start of the season is right.
I’d like to say an additional welcome to all the new players
who have come down thus far in 2014.  We’ll
have that first elusive beer very soon and give you a proper welcome, but in
the meantime make sure you’re in your mates ears about coming down for a run.
Training – Going
During the Pre-Season (Til end of February) we will continue
to train 2 days a week on Tuesday and Thursday at Perry Park, but will revert
back to one day a week on a Wednesday when we get to Trials in March. 
Ground News
In some exciting news we have secured a lit training ground of our own for the 2014 season.  The ground is called Vice
Chancellors Oval
, and is in the Australian Technology Park.  As mentioned we will start to utilize this
when we go to one day a week.
We have quite a few things on the horizon with our events calendar
filling quickly.  We are still looking
for ideas for February, and will finalising our Events calendar at the next
committee meeting on 5th February. 
If you’d like to come down and be part of the meeting and have some
input everyone is more than welcome to attend.
Trivia and Raffles
We have our Dukes Trivia starting up again on this Wednesday
29th January at the Duke.  It’s
one of the ways which we make some money, by selling raffle tickets during the
trivia event.  Our great sponsor at the
Australian Meat emporium puts up the prizes which includes $100 meat for first
prize and a $50 Raffle for us to sell. 
We will put a schedule together shortly for the year so we get a good
spread of people, but this should fit in nicely after training on a Wednesday
once we get into the season.
Additionally we have been fortunate enough to get a few
raffles down at the Cook hotel whilst their regular club are away.  Thanks to Goldie, Mark and Co. for
organising, and getting some much needed funds in the door.
7’s Rugby
We have 2 weeks of 7’s tournaments in Early March with the
Subbies 7’s (1st march) which will be a traditional 7’s tournament
as well as Propfest (8th March) which promotes a more forward dominated
style of rugby.
St Patrick’s day festivities are in planning stages for the
16th March which will also include our season launch and a few
different activities. 
Fundraising and Sponsorship
The Dukes through the wisdom and negotiation skills of their
VP, Little Billy Hodgetts, have snagged (no pun) a 2nd Bunnings
BBQ.  The BBQ will be for the Alexandria
Dukes RFC Social Golf Club on Saturday 15th February 2014 at the Mascot
We are looking to align ourselves with community sponsors and will be having a drive in the next 3 weeks to get an individual sponsor for all our jerseys for 2014. See the attached flyer (right) for more information and if you have an interested business or party the

please send the details through to [email protected]

Player Subs and Social Fees
Player Subs have risen a little in 2014 but are still low in
comparison to other clubs.  This year for
a Playing Member you will be asked for $200 which will include:
Club Membership
Club Polo (Black or White)
Playing Shorts
Playing Socks
Player Subs (Insurance and Union affiliation)
But if you get in before the Season opener on the 16th
you will be able to get a discount to $170
You can pay your subs by going to the website and onto the
members page and use the PayPal utility at the bottom of the Page where you can
use Debit or Credit Card facilities. 
Alternatively you can pay your subs direct to the club
account or to one of the committee at training. 
Also if you have a friend or family member who wants to join
us a s a social member the package is only $40 and gets you access to heaps of
bonuses throughout the year.
Member Type
Social Member 2014 $40.00 AUD
Playing Member – Early Payment $170.00 AUD
Social Member – For Life $500.00 AUD

Rugby and Social Dates
15th February – Bunnings BBQ 2
1st March – Suburban Rugby 7’s
8th March – Propfest 2014
15th March – Local Trial (TBA)
16th March – Social Golf (am) and St Patricks Day
@ The Duke (pm)
22nd March – Away Trial – Newcastle (TBA)
29th March – Local Trial (TBA)

Para Bellum!!


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