What's Occurring? – 24th March 2014

There’s been some highs and some lows in the last week.  We have had a continued strong showing on and off the pitch.  Unfortunately for one of the Dukes his season is over before the competition has started.

Trials last week
Great momentum taken from the training paddock onto the pitch.  The forward play was actually quite fast, but well controlled and tight.  The backs look sharp as well with some room to move.  Most of all the defence was formidable.  

Brendan and Sam doing their
best Billy Hodgetts impersonation

Neither Oatley or Blue Mountains ever looking like scoring.  Both sides are 4 Divisions above us with a pool of over 100 players to choose from.  We came up on top against both.  Whilst the Oatley game was a draw, they knew that they had been up against a quality team.  Blue Mountains on the other hand were torn apart.

It was also good to see such a good showing at the away pub and the fact that we made the effort when the opposition didn’t.  

Jury being upbeat
before surgery

On a sour note during the first 5 minutes of the game one of our new Dukes, Jury Ropata, did what can only be classified as a horrific injury, dislocating his ankle and fracturing his leg in the process.  Jury has been discharged from hospital and is quite upbeat, but disappointed about not being able to play this season.  I’d like to thank the Dukes who went up and wished him well at hospital as well as all the comments on social media.  Lets hope he has a speedy recovery and can get back on the pitch next season.

Trials this week
This week the Dukes travel to the town of Wilton to play the Wollondilly White Waratahs. 

The game will be for the Nagle-Hannaford Cup.  The cup named after both the home grounds of the Dukes and Wollondilly.

Kick off is at 3:15, but a special bus will be leaving the Iron Duke Hotel at 12:00 noon for players and supporters.  For player not travelling on the bus please be there by 2:00pm, A map is below.

Additionally, Don’t forget all players need to turn into their best superhero after the match.  The Costume must be worn at the post match as well as on the bus.  Punishments will be dished out to player not complying.  This will be adjudicated in a Kangaroo court of your peers.  See the pictures below for some ideas.

William Hodgetts as “Nappy Man” Circa 2012
Mark Wilcox as “Wonder Man” Circa Mardi Gras

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