What's Occurring? 6th March 2014


7’s Wrap
There has been a lot of buzz around the Subbies community since the inaugural Suburban Rugby 7’s and this correspondent for one am still on a bit of a high.  

We even made the subbies report with reference to the amount of noise that we were supposedly making on Friday night at the Duke, as well as the fact that we were the only side to bring a mascot.

“St Pats Old Boys were crowned Magners Subbies Sevens Champions after defeating Balmain 31-14 in the Cup final.  Petersham won the Plate, downing Old Iggies 29-12 in the final, and the tournament’s best supported team, the hard-partying Alexandria Dukes, in the semi.”

This is the first time that the Dukes have gone up against some of the powerhouses of the Suburban Rugby Competition, and for a 1 team club we held ourselves extremely well, making the semi’s.  The teams we were playing had the depth to choose from 4 – 6 teams and with a number being paid to play it makes the Semi finals of the competition even sweeter.

Well done lads, it’s a great start to the season.

Coaching and Training
Many of you have been asking, who will be the coach for season 2014, and its a fair question to ask.  After Waydella left us to go coach the Shamrocks, the committee has been hard at work to appoint a head coach.  Given the late stage of the pre-season, we have come up with a coaching structure for 2014.

Coaching Director: Phillip Tovey
The job of the coaching director will be to Initiate an annual training plan and Club playing philosophy for the up coming season.  Organisation and consultation of specialist coaches and support staff, providing individual skills training and setting the long and short term goals of the club on the field as well as setting the expectations

Forwards Coach: Mark Geddes
Backs Coach: Joel Horscroft-Smith
The Forwards and Backs Coaches will implement the training plan put in place by the coaching director, focused drills for both forwards and backs, and to assist the coaching director in team selection.

Fitness Coach: Kymm Beer

The Fitness coach has been running you around for the last 2 months, so you should know what he’s here for by now, your not working hard enough.  Kymm has implemented an 12 week program which many of you are 8 weeks into.

Training plan at a snapshot
Tuesday’s Training starts at 6pm
Tuesday training is optional, but Sessions will continue at a minimum until we complete the 12 week Pre-Season regime.  Then we will make a call as to continue the session throughout the season. I urge you all to get there to finish of what has been started.
Wednesday’s Training starts at 6pm
Warm up and fitness
For the first 20-30 minutes of each Wednesday session, you are in Kymm’s hands.  The fitness that Kymm implements will vary from week to week, but the expectation is that you push yourself for the whole time.  

Team skills and Fitness
The next 30 to 40 minutes will focus on team skills drills.  Phil, Mark and Joel will implement these.  These will have an element of fitness included in them, but will be primarily focused on areas of the game that we need to work on.
Position Specific skills
The next 20 minutes will be split into backs and forwards to work on set pieces.  These will be run by the backs and forwards coaches in their respective specification.
Team Run
The session will end with a 15 to 20 minute team run, with a shadow side.  
Team Selection
This is an extract out of the Players handbook, which all players will receive a copy of.
Players will be selected on the following criteria (not in any particular order):
• The player must be a registered financial member of the club;
• Fitness;
• Level of skill;
• Due to specialised skills e.g. goal kicking, scrummaging, etc;
• Due to a combination with another player that particularly enhances the team;
• Regular attendance and effort at training (see Part 3 for further details);
• Reliability;
• Sporting spirit and general conduct;
• Ability to integrate into the team and not cause disharmony.
The club appreciates that some players would like to play in a specific positions. Although the club will endeavour wherever possible to accommodate these requests, it may not always be possible.
Where multiple players meet the selection criteria, and do not get a run due to constraints on the number of players who can take the pitch, the coaching staff will endeavour to rotate, players weekly, as long as they continue to meet the selection criteria.
Should a player not be selected in a team, due to the constraints on the number of players who can take the field there is an expectation that they (assuming not injured), will make them selves available to complete auxiliary team roles, such as; trainers, touch Judges, marshals.
The selection Sub-committee will be made up of the coaching staff and the player representative(s):
• Club Coaching Director;
• Forwards and Backs coaches;
• Club Captain.
Should there be a selection stalemate the Coaching Director will make the call
In general, the team selections for each Round of the Competition will be announced at the Wednesday night training session. The coaching staff will endeavour to speak to a player, who will not get game time, prior to the announcement at training and explain the reason for that decision.
The trails have been set for the following weeks:
Trial 1 – 15th March vs Canterbury and Harlequins at Wills.  Trials start at 1:30, so we need to be there by 1pm for a 2pm kick off.

Trial 2 – 22nd March vs Myall Mudcrabs @ Tea Gardens.  This will be a bus trip and we would like as many players, new or old to attend.  The club will be subsidising part of the bus so the cost of travelling should be small.  It is a 3 to 4 hour bus ride, so there will be much merriment had on the bus. There will be more details at trainign on Wednesday

Trial 3 – 29th March vs Wollondilly White Waratahs.  This will be a bus trip as well, but will only be a 2 hour drive so not as much 


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